Brian Yam

My Mission:

To mentor you towards a rewarding career and to help you create a life you're proud of.

My Strategy:

  • Provide industry experience and practical mentoring and free, high-quality content through my YouTube channel and website.

  • Unlike other coaches, my advice is from industry-insider experience and I provide strategies that I use to get to where I am today. I don't regurgitate generic advice from a book.

  • To interact with you directly - send in your questions or work with me one-on-one.


Brian Yam is the Director of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs for Vega, the pioneer in plant-based natural health and performance products. Recently acquired by Danone (aka Dannon), Vega continues to lead the way in plant-based powders and to re-imagine snacks and beverages.  Brian currently sits on the Senior Executive Leadership Team at Vega and is also part of the Quality Leadership Team at Danone North America. He has also worked for Factors Group of Nutritional Companies, Canada’s largest manufacturer of natural health products and dietary supplements.  

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He is also a mentor with the University of British Columbia for the Faculty of Land and Food Systems under their tri-mentoring program, has spoken at career panels and participated in career events at Simon Fraser University.  He is also an alumnus of the Vancouver Board of Trade, Leaders of Tomorrow Mentorship Program.    


Brian grew up in Vancouver (Canada) and was exposed at an early age to the realities of racial gaps and stereotypes from both classmates and adults (including teachers!).  He was overweight, suffered from chronic asthma, lived a sedentary lifestyle and, to top it all off, had severe eczema/psoriasis that covered his entire body. Other health complications arose from this (eg. glaucoma), resulting in someone who found it difficult to socialize and be ‘normal.’  He knew what discrimination, isolation, anxiety, shyness, and low self-esteem felt like all too well.

Fed up, he lost weight (240lbs at his peak), participated in a more active lifestyle (took up Shito-Ryu karate), and after appropriate treatment, weaned off as many medications as he safely could. From a social perspective, he figured out how to break out of his comfort zone, exposing himself to situations that developed his confidence. Eventually his shyness, low self-esteem, and introverted behavior and mindset disappeared. 

Brian completed his degree in Cell and Molecular Biology at Simon Fraser University.  Paying his way through school, there were plenty of semesters where he couldn't afford tuition only having to prolong his time at SFU.  He was in debt and life consisted only of work and hitting the books (what social life?).  Brian describes it as if he was "just going through the motions without a plan." 

Brian discovered how to overcome this and grow from it all. But a part of him wondered, "If only I had known what I know now! What if there was someone to have helped me along the way, maybe I could've gotten here quicker, with less bumps on the way. Just imagine what I could’ve accomplished." This thought is what inspired him to create 101 Mentoring.

Dealt the hand that was given to him, Brian managed to create a life he's proud of, filled with happiness, a great network of friends, a vibrant social life and no regrets. 

Brian's current job is demanding and fast paced and he loves it!  It’s this "on-the-front-lines"  experience that really provides value to his mentees – he can see, in 'real-time', the trends in hiring, the economic variables on decision-making, and can demonstrate firsthand what it means to network, negotiate and effectively communicate. 

Quality of life is not necessarily measured by money (although you need a certain amount), instead Brian believes it's defined by happiness, freedom to adventure, and solid relationships.  Beyond work and mentoring, Brian enjoys an active lifestyle of weight training, exploring his own growth and self-development, and sharing laughs over dinner and drinks with his dearest friends, family and loved ones. Brian also holds a “Sifu” designation as a third level technician in Wing Tsun Kung Fu (equivalent to third degree black belt). 

It is his mission to give you the guidance and mentorship you seek to transform you into the person you were meant to be, to have the career you were meant to have, to live the life you want to live, and to positively affect those around you to do the same.

Why wait any longer? Drive. Take action. Get started NOW.

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